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A page good for news, discussions, new ideas, first "hi"s, etc. If you feel like, make a new date-entry right under the line please.


First Hi, I'm Ruth, Unipedia, Koblenz, Germany. Hope to find some contacts :-)-- 11:59, 22 November 2006 (UTC)


Hi, the captcha doesn't work! I can neither add links to pages nor create an account :-(

MattisManzel 09:05, 26 October 2006 (UTC): Hmm.
The captcha image is only displayed if you accept cookies, so that's a workaround.


Hey, I'm helping on the University of Manchester Wiki. We've had loads of spam (I see from your Recent Changes pages some of you have too), we've had a few ideas about how to reduce it, do people want to get together to think about it?


News - Wikiversity project
old: JWSchmidt - Users of this wikicity may be interested in the proposed Wikiversity project.


MattisManzel: There is a very interesting programm called moon-edit that enables you to work with up to 14 participants simultaneously on a page with (almost) full wiki features. I created a page university-wikis on the moonedit server: port: 32123 (standard port) for people using university-wikis to try out moon-edit and work with it. You need to have moon-edit installed to read and collaboratively edit it (download moon-edit). The transporter-room is the page here on the wiki corresponding to the moon-edit page . Copy & paste interesting contents from moon-edit session over to make it readable in a browser (a more convenient way to integrate wiki and moon-edit is on its way).

What about regular university-ting-sessions (gatherings using moon-edit) similar to the tings you find on the ting-wiki? A rudimentary export of the moon-edit page to the wiki in two steps is already implemented there. Let's dicuss it on ting of universities.


Hi Mattis -- thanks for starting this up. I look forward to participating in this node.

I'm a bit swamped on other tasks for the next couple weeks, but this looks most groovy. I shall return. I'll tease out the semblance of a homepage, and maybe add some other goodies. I'm new to the node concept, but will check out the links you provided -- Brian Lamb [UBC]

Mattis Manzel: Cool Brian, thx. Feel free to turn your above sign into a namepage here. UBC-wiki is quite impressing.


MattisManzel: We are pretty busy with getting more wiki-hivng work Sorry if this here does not procede as fast as it should.