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guess soo... WHY YOU ASK????

well because in may 2011 william lewis needs to get a life after he played pokemon for a whole year and didnt get of it, and now his zubat is level 112, like I mean come on!

after that william lewis put on about 145 pounds about 1 ton of his body mass was his boobs, and he retired because hes a crack head living in homoisland or PENISLANDTemplate:Infobox

so william lewis married ex-school dinner lady Peg with the one leg because she had it cut off because she was so fat. Now they just eat al day having intercourse because she is a man aswell as a pokemon. frickin zubat.. and a hippo...

the gay-o-table

an average gay guy- 87% (gay)

an average man- 10%

an average josh- 95.4%(gay)

william lewis- 1293484923482876198248723.12376482%(over gay)